Monday, February 23, 2009

Work Work Work

Yes I've been working my little fingers to the bones! Lots of projects for Etsy and possibly Sacramento Indie Craft if I can get my act together and get some paperwork done for it. It was an extremely productive weekend 2 bags and about 15 headbands later it was OVER (Pictures up later I promise!). I still have more to work on with b-days coming up and other misc holidays. This weekend though I'm officially on Vacation going up to the snow with some friends and skiing my little booty off! BT said no super pipe since last year this time I kinda sorta bounced my head off the side of it and tore up my shoulder, which has yet to heal (and I have yet to go to the doctor for it as well). It should be a fun weekend with friends and just kinda hanging out. It will be good to take a break from the crafting and work and life. I'm sure I'll be busy though with projects this week! I also go this little/big gift from my mom at Xmas which I still need to figure out how to use but I will persevere.
It's not really about persevering it's about a promise I made to the UCDavis Water Ski team to embroider some towels for a tournament. So I will probably be reading directions and watching You Tube video's that will guide me through the process!

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