Monday, February 2, 2009

Woohoo Weekends

Well the weekend blew by like a bullet train. Friday was a long day with blood being taken and me running around like a chicken with my head cut off for work. But the best part was Saturday when two (yes TWO not just ONE but TWO) of my friends came to Sac Town to visit! It was a camera free weekend because we tend to do regrettable acts when the camera makes an appearance. So I will let you make a mental picture of all the debauchery or lack there of in your own mind. My first friend arrived On Time as expected from a 2 hour drive down the lovely 99 hwy to inform me that our other friend would be late. Apparently her Boy Toy showed up unexpectedly at her place to spend time with her that evening. Now by unexpectedly I mean the friend who showed up on time had suggested to him that he Suprise our friend, showing up at her place and spend the evening with her and he actually took her advice (when do boys actually take the advice from the girl friends friends???). He isn't exactly a early riser nor does he hop out of bed with energy (more like sloth like actions taking a while to wake up and drag himself out of bed). So we sat and chatted and well chat turned into talk that I cant talk about on this blog because then I would have to put some kind of parental advisory on the blog and no one wants that especially me (I need more people to actually read my blog and leave comments)
Finally the 3rd musketeer showed up and joined in our conversations about boys and unmentionables and the new boy in our friends life who is apparently clingy (dating one week does not make it official nor does it mean you can hang all over us we barely know you!). About and hour later we were able to coax ourselves away from the conversation to take a car ride out to the new mall in Roseville (well its not new they just have new stores). I apparently went crazy and shopped till i dropped getting new slacks and shirts and anthropology, all on sale don't give me that look. Once we got home it was time to get ready for the evening which meant a trip to trader Joe's for pizza supplies. Now I had never done this before so my friends taught me how to make pizza from the pre-made dough (and it was amazing but more about that later).

So after the Trader Joe's Stop we went to the apt and picked up our stuff for the evening and headed to Boy Toy's to make dinner drink be merry and of course have fun! We arrived at Boy Toys to find out that he had fully stocked the fridge with drinks and mixers (there was a big smile on every one's face). We started off with the pizza's which were easy to make and turned out delicious. We made a meat lovers (used left over meatballs from BT's Spaghetti) a Tomato cheese pizza and then finally a cheese pizza. We also got different kinds of crust one of which was a garlic crust talk about addictive. I could buy this and make garlic twist out of this with little or no additives. Needless to say we didn't finish the pizzas because they make a Cookie sheet sized pizza but we were close! The rest of the evening was full of movies, TV and an HBO late night show (which I again will not discuss further than we learned a lot in this informational show). By about 10 we were ready to crash. Now this just shows how old we are getting. Just 3 short years ago we were able to go out and stay up till 2am without any assistance and now were in bed by 9 out by 10 and up at the crack of dawn to work for The Man. Sad sad Life.

The next morning was again interesting but fun with the girls getting in bed with me and BT to watch GREEK. BT mentioned how he needs to post on his Facebook that he is in bed with 3 women. We all looked at him and rolled our eyes as we were fully clothed and still had bed head from the night before. I know what a pretty pictures do you now know why we didn't bring out the camera? Then it was off to my place to make breakfast and the girls were on there way home. And I had to start getting ready for the Superbowl (which means researching a chili recipe and that was it). Boy Toy and I ended up watching the Superbowl he working off the hang over and me exhausted from being with the girls.

Overall...Weekend was a Success and will be doing this again!
*Note: Remember how I said I didn't have a camera? Well I didn't I'm borrowing the photos! Maybe if i have time ill take pictures of our pizza which didn't turn out as pretty as the one photoed.

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  1. hahaha. maybe if we went to the "bars" the camera could have come out.