Monday, January 11, 2010

Favorites #1

So here it is the first of many I hope. Im sure i could do this almost every day and who knows what it may evolve into.

Okay so you have some spare paper. So do something with it at Origami Club
Look at the cute little worm!
All I can Say is tooo CUTE...Face Pillow

Recycle Reduce Reuse...T-Shirt Scarf its not freezing cold here in Cali so this is perfect or for spring...

Learning to knit is on my to do list...And this Headband Ear Warmer looks like a good beginner project?My friend is just about to have a baby how cute is this for learning with texture?? Quilted Alphabet Letters

I'm always losing a mitten or two around the house. This is a fun simple way to make mittens especially if your losing them on a regular basis.


  1. Love the mittens!! I think the lost mittens are having an affair with the lost socks! :)

  2. Yeah I think your right about the socks and the mittens...argh