Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Favorite Blog

So as you may or may no know I have an interview next week for Grad School. I also have to give a 5 minute presentation on ANYTHING! Daunting, Yes, Scary, YES, am I going out of my mind trying to find something to talk about YES!!! Thats until I found THIS blog. I have absolutely fallen in love with it!

CraftyPod is a blog that post a whole slue of information, resources, and projects. I especially LOVE the podcast which give FREE advice to us small business Entrepreneurs. This got me thinking about my presentation and especially her last podcast about Engagement Marketing. I had been thinking of this lately and how useful a blog is to "connect" with people. I now have a topic to talk about and how useful it is as a free marketing tool to my business and how it works.

Thank god for the crafting community.

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