Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marathon Training

So it was another weekend of Marathon Training. This weekend was 5 miles around the bay area. Needless to say I have again proven I need to wear like a giant inner tube to protect myself. This time there was a pot hole that mysteriously appeared while crossing the street at the freeway entrance at The Alameda. So this pot hole appears and wants to make love to my ankle. My ankle obliges by twisting into he pot hole. As I'm falling I think "oh I can catch myself". But NO there will be none of that instead its like sliding into home plate. Arms straight out, trust me I was SAFE! I know some people got a nice view of my train wrek from their cars and they didnt even stop to see if I was okay sprawled out in the cross walk. My knee my hands and my chin got some lovely bruises and scrapes. But other than that I'll survive.

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