Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I want to make a lamp or a light fixture for my new place why you ask? because its cheaper than me buying one! First I found this one. I fell in LOVE like so in Love i just wanted to go for it. Then I took a deep breath as the accountant I am an costed the thing out...$104 in just the first set of parts I gave up. If im gonna pay that much im going to buy the damn thing assembled! So now im stuck searching the internet finding directions and trying to come up with something modern.

So I have found a few and Rachel at One Pretty Thing helped me out as well.

This Bubble One is right up my alley...

Hacking an expensive one for something from Ikea im always down for a bargain!

Turn a table lamp into a hanging lamp..must find JC Penny outlet.

Lucite never heard of it but looks kinda cool

I can totally do string and a balloon or ball I did something like this in grade school

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