Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Do

So I kinda sorta have this long list of To Do's. I think I am gonna be stuck just finishing up projects for the rest of this year.

1. Finish that pesky crochet afghan for the bed.
2. Pillows Pillows and more pillows for the couch and bed.
3. Ottoman pad...this one might even get a tutorial DONE!!!!
4. It haunts me in my dreams: quilt
5. Art for the walls. My walls are so white...I hate White!!!
6. Blanket for the new couch (I know I still owe you pictures but I'm moving!)
7. Make the Light.
8. Finish up those lovely PJ's that just need freaking elastic.
9. Make a light box to take better photos...maybe take a photography class?
10. Get back in the saddle with Etsy stuff.
11. Figure out something to do with THIS.
12. Recover chair
13. Split window dressings...for someone?!?!
14. Finish the half marathon in March!

I'm pretty sure there are more but for some reason I think this list is just gonna grow grow grow.


  1. I love making "to do" lists, since it feels so good to cross something off, once you have done it!... weird i know. ;)

  2. Don't forget about splitting my lion window dressing into two for our littleEncanto nursery :)