Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tall Tails

So I know many of us out there get to work check our favorite blogs or websites. I on the other hand wait till I need a pick me up. When work is just getting to me and I need a break I head here.
It makes me chuckle to myself and on more than one occasion I laugh out loud and my boss looks at me like I'm crazy but you know what who cares!

Lately People of Walmart has been featuring people wearing Tails now if anyone out there can explain this phenomena please let me know because what is up with this? or this and finally my favorite . I mean these people have to be crafty to make these and then attach them to their pants right? But why wear them out in public. Im stumped Please HELP.


  1. OMG.. what was that?? we got a horse, pink dino and beaver?? I hope that fashion trend won't move on eastward .. :)

    Nevertheless, hope you have a great day! and fun reading blogs :)

    God Bless

  2. OMG...so funny! It's a good thing I work at home, or my boss would know I'm not really working right now. oh, and I have no clue as to WHY. : )

  3. LOL I don't need a tail :-)

    But maybe on Halloween! LOL


  4. Oh you make me laugh! I needed that little laugh break! My kids enjoyed it too. They thought it was Halloween. LOL!