Friday, January 30, 2009

Ho Hum

It is a Ho Hum kind of day but tomorrow is going to be amazing! Why you ask? Because today is cleaning day but tomorrow 2 of my girl friends are coming to visit! And these friends are amazing I will for sure have some kind of story from this visit. They are both friends from high school and I met them in college. One I talk a lot about in the blog. The other not so much but she is the one who provides the most entertainment when I see her! Both are very outgoing and willing to adventure with me. So lets hope for both of our sakes that something interesting happens besides me making dinner. Other than that this weekend will be pretty easy going (Ive started to count down to the next 3 day weekend which coincidentally is the same weekend as Valentines Day). Catching up on sleep and hanging out with friends what more could one ask for?

Ahh I totally forgot to mention that BT made dinner last night! It was AMAZING he made spaghetti with meat balls and made the meat balls from scratch! I was completely and utterly amazed that he did this (although we had talked about him doing this early in the week). I think what I'm gonna have to do is take pictures of the food he makes and post his recipes (which he gets off the Internet). Might be good for the guys out there to see that they can make simple easy meals that their Girl Friend will enjoy!

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