Saturday, January 17, 2009

Paint Ball??

So today I'm going paint balling. Yes, I'm setting myself up to get hurt. BT doesn't understand that in my mind this is gonna hurt a lot more than if I didn't set myself up to get hurt. I know it some kind of psychological disease I have, along with not liking homeless people (yes they scare me and I have to cross the street if they are walking towards me) and not liking stores that are a mess and full of people, my psychological diseases are to a minimum. At one point while discussing this with a friend I suggested we both wear bubble wrap suites to minimize the pain. Well bubble wrap is a little expensive and and I have a feeling the weather is going to be a little warm so I'm sure i would have passed out some time from heat stroke. So were off...

We are going to have to take some pictures of this because I'm sure its going to be monuments.

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