Saturday, January 3, 2009


This year I'm not going for the typical lose weight resolution (although it would be nice). Ive decided to come up with a list of things I have been telling myself to do for months and now is the time to set it in stone or at least put it out where everyone can see it so they can remind me about it.

1. To use up all the crafting stuff in my Crafting Closet (see below). It's time to stop buying fabric and projects that I say I'm going to start and then not start them! I'm going to try my best to use what fabric and crafting supplies I have to make stuff and sell it on Etsy and make myself some stuff as well (ie that quilt Ive been yammering about).

(that doesn't include the drawers below full of fabric and some other stuff I have stashed)

2. Spend less time in the gym and more time outside exercising. That gym is going to be the death of me. I have a wonderful park next door and there are biking trails and all kinds of out doorsie stuff to do around here its time to get out of jail and enjoy the fresh air.

3. Take the GMAT. Yes its time to go back to school and show the world what I'm made of by getting my Masters in Business something or other!

4. Start using Adobe products more. I did start this past year so I'm continuing my education in the design world.

5. Eat out at least once a week and try a new restaurant at least once a month. This shouldn't be to hard with Poodles moving up here next week. Its time to start living!

6. Smile more often and stop sweating the small stuff.

7. No more complaining at work. It time to put up and shut up.

8. Take more pictures. I feel as though the camera has not been used enough lately so it time to pull it out and get picture crazy.

9. Try to learn why Boy Toy is such a Sports Fanatic and give into it a little more instead of just rolling my eyes.

Who knows how far I will get down the list But I'm going to try!

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