Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paint Ball...Surrender!

Ahh finally a few minutes today to tell you all about paint balling or suicide as I refer to it. Okay so it wasn't that bad and the balls/bullets don't really hurt to bad well unless you get it in the ass as one of our friends found out. It really gets your adrenaline pumping and would be really fun to do with a couple of family's with kids and what not. It was definitely fun for a surprise bday party for our friend. His GF who is a good friend of mine organized the whole thing so it was a huge problem to get there and get everything as they had it reserved. We got these cool outfits with masks and the girls got some extra protection with body armor (the boys weren't to happy about that).

Well after we got everything the fun really began. In the first game a few of us found out we had some not so good guns and had to return them as they wouldn't shoot the paint balls out. You could pick us out like sore thumbs as we stood behind the barricades screaming that the "gun wasn't working and this was not fun!!!" Well we soon found out the fun once we got guns that worked. The boys had the most fun pretending it was different video games (did I mention this was with a group of enginerds?). Most of us had different strategies mine was to not get hit and stay in one place.

I did however "advance" a few times although I'm pretty sure I didn't hit a single soul with my shots that instead of going straight curved mid air in the opposite direction of the person I was shooting at. I should have spent more time here:All in all it was a successful day and I even got a Battle Scar. Yeah its not really a mystery bruise but hey its a bruise none the less! BT thinks his compares but I'll let you decide.

Another note on paint Ball wear some old clothes you get super dirty and this corn statchy paint all over you. And when I say all over I mean from head to toe we had a few with it in their hair.

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