Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Resolutions update 1

I though I would give you an update on the Resolutions

1. No spending on Craft supplies: I haven't spent a DIME!
2. Getting out of the gym: Ive started to run 1-2 times a week outside!
3. Gmat: I'm starting before the end of the month!
4. Adobe Products: Well I canceled my class because the teacher never got back to me but I'm still determined to learn more!
5. Eating out once a week: Done and Done now need to try a new place
6. Smiling more: Well I think I'm doing more of that
7. Stop Complaining at work: Its a work in progress
8. Take more pictures: Definitely getting this done
9. Trying to understand the BT more: UHHHH

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