Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moving on UP

The day is finally here! BT is moving up here to go to school! Now many of you probably don't know this but BT and I have always lived about 45 minutes or more away from each other. So this is a HUGE change since he is living about 30 blocks away now. More or less it will be an adventure for both of us as he finishes up school and becomes a famous sports writer/commentator (I'm crossing my fingers) and I retire and become a full time crafter (don't roll your eyes at me!). Don't rain on my parade and let me keep dreaming you never know it could happen.

So Back to BT moving up. He is driving up tonight with a friend in a giant U-Hall while towing his car. Now BT drives a tiny car and by tiny I mean its a 4 door Volkswagen GTI so driving a giant truck will be an adventure and a half for him especially through the grapevine.

Now for those of you out of towners the grapevine is a portion of the 5 freeway that winds through the mountains from LA to Bakersfield. Its either your favorite part of the ride or the part you dread the most. If you get car sick easily stay away from this cause its a doosey.

But with BT up here now that hopefully means more adventures and stories for the blog but who knows. I'm sure I'll have some stories for you about the moving processes and don't worry I'm more than willing to share!

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