Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome Back to Monday or Tuesday

Its Tuesday! I made it through Monday. Monday was actually a pretty fun day at work. We took a field trip to Oakland to meet some staff. They were a lively group who seem to have a lot of fun at work. I also finished up BT's curtains which I promised to make a tutorial for and don't you worry I'm working on it. Im trying a different route with this one with drawing because BT has been obsessed with the Camera. No not the SLR we borrowed but my little Cannon 870. The IT guy at work turned me on to THIS website where we were able to download some scripts (don't ask I don't know) for my camera. Apparently Cannons have tons of capability but the software that Canon includes in the camera doesn't let you exploit these features. Well the download made a world of difference. Were not sure if the pictures are coming out any better yet but it does have some cool features that BT is playing with. But back to the curtains ill give you a little preview on what you need and how long it took me to make them. One set of curtains (makes two pannels) is made from 2 Ikea twin sized flat sheets any color any pattern you want. You will also need a sewing machine, thread, scissors, Iron, Ironing board, measuring tape, and ribbon the widest you can find mine was about 1 1/2 inches wide. That's it for the supplies it took me about an 2-3 hours to put 2 curtains together without any trim (there is al ot of ironing you have to do and that takes the longest). Well that's your sneak peak ill try to post the directions later today! Happy Tuesday

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