Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sports Bra's

Okay it official I'm going on a rant. But its a rant worth ranting about. When did girls decide it was OK to go to the gym without a Sports Bra on? Let alone no Bra at all? Yes I notice you at the gym and I'm not looking for fun. Let me make this very clear Sports Bra's are MANDATORY at the gym and the built in "bra" in your spaghetti strap t-shirt doesn't count. Those girls deserve some support even if you don't have much to support. I'm by no means trying to be mean but someone had to say it. Ive been going to the gym now for most of my adult life and in the past year Ive noticed more women going commando up top at the gym than ever before. In college we wear sports bra's to push them up and let the boys see them. Later in life you wear them because they are more comfortable than your wire bra. But to not even wear a bra at the gym OUCH!!! My girls are hurting just thinking about it. Please think about the girls and give them some support I'm begging you. That and all the men are looking at you and is that the kind of attention you want to attract?

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