Saturday, January 3, 2009

Xmas come and gone

Christmas blew by like a run away train with lots of toys on it! I'm 24 years old and Santa still comes to my house! He hasn't missed a year yet so I still believe and will continue to if he keeps sliding down my chimney. With the economy slowing "down" I wasn't expecting to much and I kept my list to Santa pretty short and full of items I knew I would use. This year was no disappointment either with cookie sheets, glass mixing bowls, 3cup cusinart, mandoline slicer, zester, cup cake tower, baking mats, a Smith Hawkens tree, clothes, gym bag, gloves, and some DY aka David Yurman and more odds and ends. What does this all add up to??? More fun and creativity!!!
1. More cooking cool stuff
2. Decorating my tree every month for a new Holiday
3. more gyming it
4. Crafting like crazy!!!

This year is going to be GREAT! But besides Xmas and getting stuff I also gave out my T-Shirts and Nalgene cozy's and got RAVE reviews! My mom was extremely impressed and so was the rest of the family they want me to make more for them. I was also busy while at home crocheting up a storm Ill be making another post about that and putting up some of my stuff on etsy soon!

Not only did I Craft I also hit up the SALES!!! And boy did I make out! Bloomies was having a great sale along with Smith & Hawkens, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Target, and the other places I like to visit when home. I got lots of good deals on Xmas stuff for next year and Clothes for now. Soon enough I'm going to outgrow this apartment with all the stuff I have.

All in All Christmas was a success lots of giving and receiving and Shopping

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