Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doctors Offices

Why is it when you go to the doctor they never have good news for you? They just make you feel like your going to die. Can you tell where I was yesterday? I went in for a few minor issues and came out with major issues (no I'm not gonna die). Apparently my blood pressure which is usually normal was way way up. And my weight, well were not even gonna go there but I'm getting some tests done in that area too. I also got to go get some X-Ray's of my shoulder since now I'm being sent to a surgeon (I'm doubting the surgery will actually occur any time soon). And in the end I got this...

A SHOT who would have thought! Apparently EVERYONE needs to go out and get a Tetanus shot. Whooping Cough is back in action in the US so they are suggesting everyone get inoculated once again. The Tetanus shot has Diphtheria which prevents whooping cough so everyone go out and get a shot! Better than whooping cough if you ask me. Other than that Friday was a huge downer learning that I'm dieing. I did end the day on a happy note.

OPA OPA! it was GOOOOOD! Even BT enjoyed it although he now knows not to order the Greek pizza but the gyro which was amazing! So at least it ended on a good note!

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