Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buying Sleeping Pills and Frosting

Yesterday was a long long day. I was at work for a long time and then wen to a friends house for dinner. On my way to dinner I stopped by the Grocery Store to pick up 2 items

I looked like a confused Drug addict. In the check out line I got a little self conscious thinking how in the hell do I explain this one? Luckily the clerk didn't comment on my self destructive ways. How was he to know I'm a sprinkle addict who cant sleep at night?

The Funfetti frosting was really for the Funfetti cupcakes I made for our dinner. You all know I'm a sprinkle addict so I couldn't pass it up in the store. That and I was having dinner with a guy friend who lives with 2 other guys. They are manly men they don't eat sprinkles well unless they are free.

The Sleeping Pills were to help me get a good nights rest. Right now I'm house sitting for a friend who is in Cabo on her honey moon (so obviously I wasn't invited). And I'm taking care of her mischievous kittens who like to play at 1am. After one night of no sleep I'm taking a stand and getting a good nights sleep (and it was glorious!).

I'm hoping my next visit to the grocery store wont be so revealing.

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