Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weekend is peaking around the corner

It has been a long hard week here in Sac Town/D Town (Sacramento and Davis). Work has been busy with cleaning up accounts and making sure we are all on track for the new year. We are still awaiting our budget from the State of California (by the time we get it we will need a new one). Ive peen posting on Etsy like a mad woman and had little time to craft this week at all. This weekend will be devoted to getting back on the craft wagon and making some more Valentines stuff for my tree and of course Etsy. Its been extremely dreary today with rain off and on again (finally!!!) so hopefully this will get me back in the craft mood. This weekend its supposed to rain rain rain. BT and I are going to try a new Restaurant called OPA OPA a Greek place that I've been dieing to go and try out. I love Greek food and its hard to find good Greek food so hopefully this place will knock my socks off! Can you tell I'm ready for the weekend even after having 3 days off for the holiday?

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