Monday, January 12, 2009

Wiki Wacky Woo x2

So my weekend was eventful. Well only eventful because I'm out of college and don't get wild and crazy like I used to. Boy Toy made it up here safe and sound and his apt is almost put together and we both survived our first weekend in Sac Town. A few friends came over to help out and I sat back and watched. Its okay though I'm gonna craft for BT and make him some fancy drapes for his windows. Don't worry I will post pictures and a tutorial on how to make theses super easy and inexpensive drapes.

Now for the interesting part. Saturday night, besides being a bit of a blur we had a great time out in Davis acting like college students. I started earlier than the boys but that's because they were slow and wanted dinner. I on the other hand wanted to get the party started at Bernardo's with a friend and some Wiki's . This turned into a long night of pub crawling and seeing old friends (yes we never left this place). In the end I got home alive with a scraped toe and the feeling that I was back in college. Except I didn't have to study on Sunday through the pounding headache.

Ahh college why did I ever leave and become the pansy I am now?

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